Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Golden Goose Boots

As it gets colder here in New York, my arduous, years-long search for the perfect distressed knee-high boots continues on with heightened urgency. It is difficult enough to find the perfect boot and near impossible to find said perfect boot for under $400 (each!) Take for example these phenomenal "Golden Goose" aged calf leather round toe knee pull on boot with pull tabs at smooth leather topline and smooth leather inset with buckle strap at ankle, available in black and reddish brown at the infallibly couture Barneys Co-op for a mere $1,275.00:

The cost might be justified as I intend for the perfect pair of boots to change my life by making me a happier, healthier, wealthier and more popular person. Here's how- these naturally distressed boots will go with every outfit, be it black, brown or navy blue, jeans or a fancy dress. The ease of these pairings will make my mornings a breeze. As a result, I will get to work earlier and be more productive. The comfort of the low heal will finally appease my chiropractor. I will become better dressed, healthier and nicer as all my back-pains will disappear. Along with my new positive attitude and productiveness at work I will rise not only to a higher pay grade but also a higher social echelon. The stylishness of my boots will gain the respect of my peers while their understated allure will mark me as a humbly superior person worthy of invitations to gala's in the Hamptons, free drinks and fine dinners, and of course, copious offers in various romantic ventures. (And I do love having things to say "no, thank you" to...)

So, is it worth it to break the bank buying a golden goose? I unfortunately can't afford to find out. Thus... the search continues.

(David- it would be funny if you think these boots are just fugly...)

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dav:ID said...

i wish i could say they're ugly, just to make you feel better about not buying them. but truth be told, i think those boots would make you look amazing. sorry.