Saturday, March 20, 2010

Unhappy Hipsters

I was sure that I had already posted a link to the cheeky blog Unhappy Hipsters a long time ago, which features brilliant captions to the iconic lofty photographs of Dwell magazine. As the folks at Midcentury Modernist put it, "Yes, you can love every interior and still chuckle at every caption." I agree that all of us design geeks could take ourselves a bit less seriously!

"In their nuptial vows, they’d promised to never conceal anything, to remain completely open to one another. But the prison-style shower remodel wasn’t the anniversary gift she’d hoped for."

"Somewhere between the shades of taupe and suspended staircase, they had fallen out of synch."

"Nutmeg sat stoically atop the cushions. Yet her internal dialogue was a cacophony of discordant thoughts, mostly centered on the absurdity of the double Nelson clocks."

"The stale smell of disappointment permeated the room."

All the more relevant as David & I have been teased for years about photos of us like this one from 2007.

Your caption here...


dav:ID said...

As this extremely good looking couple sit back and enjoy the summer day. She in her Versace 4156, and him in his Polo PH 4037. But something was hiding behind they're eyes. It was fear. Fear that sounds would soon come from the monitor behind them. And "little otik" would wake up, and it will be feeding time. And they knew what that meant. He would stop until everything and everybody was gone.

re:BECCA said...

Ha! It would be fitting if my child were a ravenous branch baby. I'm only one step away from turning into the crazy Log Lady.