Monday, June 14, 2010

moons and crows

this is what i feel like today.

the moon asked the crow - cocorosie


dav:ID said...

oh, that girl is so beautiful. but she usually wears a moustache. do i have a problem? that and the rollerblades i want, it just makes you wonder.

re:BECCA said...

I want rollerblades too. My excuse is that I'm training for roller derby. What's yours?

dav:ID said...

ha ha!!! but they used rollerskates. rollerblades fall into a completely separate cateogory. i saw a 10 year old kid on rollerskates today, and he looked totally badass! i want those, except i may to tall.

i saw cocorosie last night and i have a even bigger crush on rosie. she had on a totally crazy outfit, a jackect with extra wide shoulders, a blouse from the victorian era, a boobless bra on the outside, a bonnet made out of wool with a hole in the side, and blue boxers with some kind of a design on them. gorgeous!!! they were awesome! and they had this beatboxer with them who was just unbelievable.