Saturday, June 19, 2010

oh no....

i recently picked these beautiful wildflowers, with purple flowers and thorns everywhere. and when i say everywhere i mean millimeter had thistles on it. i had to wrap them up in my sweatshirt just to get them home. and i got about one block and the thorns started poking out. so needless to say, i had a lot of cuts on my hand. they lasted about a week and then they just died like normal flowers do. and i just haven't take them down because i like thorny things (rebecca's influence). and then today i had the shade down most of the day and when i opened it i was in for a surprise. it had transform into the marvelous floaty little seed pods. something dangerous into something light and fluffy, ying and yang if you will. i'm gonna leave them there until they get to unruly for me to handle, or maybe i'll put the shade down and be surprised.

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