Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rihanna - why the f*ck not?

Maybe I've been spending too much time at Crunch gym, or maybe this pop star is really talented, either way - I've been on such a Rihanna kick lately! And why the f*ck not? Her unabashed confidence is addictive and her eclectic rockpopstardom is visually stimulating. And also -- she sounds pretty badass when she says "I had to just put my game face on" in her smokin Barbados accent (...by the way, if you watch that interview - how much does that guy from fuse look like Andy Samburg? It's crazy right?)

David--- I know you will not be on board this musically, but I hope you at least enjoy the videos...

Rockstar 101

Pon de Replay

Live your Life

WOW -- alright-- this is just an amazing premise.

follow timberlake with rude boy:

(Obviously I couldn't bring up Rhi Rhi without including a link to Chris Brown's controversial video No Bullshit, wouldn't be worth watching except for the .25 seconds of scandalous x-rated content spliced in... I'll let you hit pause repeatedly until you find it for yourself)

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