Thursday, June 13, 2013

Download After Dark 2 For Free

via pitchfork: Johnny Jewel is quite the giving soul. One month after releasing the great new Italians Do It Better compilation After Dark 2, he's offering the whole LP as a single-track free download. Stream the entire thing above and download it here.
01. Warm In The Winter
02. Tears From Heaven
03. Let's Kiss
04. Fill The Blanks
05. Looking For Love
06. Heart Of Darkness
07. Camera
08. Half Lives
09. The Possessed
10. Cherry
11. Beautiful Object
12. Into Eternity
13. Intimate
14. The Magician
15. Redheads Feel More Pain
Last time we were in Amsterdam...I uploaded the "Running From The Sun" Lp.
Tonight we are in Amsterdam again...Still high from our amazing weekend in Paris. We left North America in such a frenzy...I didn't have time to post this album. We are so happy with all the shows on this trip. This has seriously been the best of the best for us in Europe. Can't wait for London, Dublin & Barcelona round 2. We're rabid & ready...
Thank You!
Johnny Jewel

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