Thursday, February 14, 2008

poor man's linen

i love shabby-chic linen slipcovers, yet linen is so expensive. as an alternative, i found this greyish canvas at a home depot kind of store, for around $15 each. i feared that it would be stiff and scratchy, but not at all, and so far it has been surprisingly easy to sew. i have been using it for many different projects, but mainly plan to sew taut slipcovers for my large sectional sofa. given david's background as a painter, the canvas seems fitting.

canvas pic

i'm still unsure whether we are grown up enough to have such a light colored fabric on the cushions as well (i'm a spiller). ideally i will find 20+ yards of the perfect charcoal boucle at a fabric outlet. tomorrow we are off to boston, where i plan to scour the cheap fabric stores in chinatown. then we head to chicago, where i can't wait to check out an outlet just outside the city that i hear is a treasure trove of high-end upholstery fabrics on the cheap.


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