Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Screen and Frames

what i've been up to, during our break. amongst the laser cutting.

becca's idea (i just hung them)

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re:BECCA said...

Great post D! I think the bird screens look great in their new incarnation as wall art. Can't believe they fit so well in that frame! That wall was very bare before. Would still love to turn them into a light box, and think they would look great back lit in that same spot. I know I was skeptical about the white paint, but glad you decided to try it! It looks great (not the first pic though- could you get a better head on shot? No flash?)

Also- the salon style frames look good. I would have hung them in a more structured fashion, and tighter. I like the whimsy your display has.

They look good with our "headboard" too!