Wednesday, July 1, 2009

bradbury building

i recently have fallen back in love with this building. it was used in this recent movie i saw, called "the perfect sleep". which was an average modern film noir (anyone who knows me, knows i am a sucker for bad movies). but it had a lot of interior shots of this building. it was featured in the classic "blade runner", which is where i originally fell in love with it. but it was though a very dark lens, which was kind of hard to read, but it accented the mood. it was commissioned lewis bradury. and it's architect was originally sumner hunt. but he went against the bradury's grand vision, it was given over to one of his draftsmen, george wyman. it's really an excellent story. i love the lobby, with its open floor plan and a skylight to illuminate the details on everything. and i absolutely love the elevators, how he stripped them to reveal the mechanics calling on the beauty of what people have cover up in the past. this how the building originally looked.

this is what it looked like in "blade runner". (which i recently did a drawing project on this, which i'll post later).

and this what it looks like now. they done a magnificent job restoring the building.

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