Sunday, August 30, 2009

Before and After : Entryway


this was before we painted the apartment
this was after we painted the apartment


i haven't been able to shoot it in the day
because it's been cloudy all week

and it doesn't get that much light
so this is what i have for now


Anonymous said...

It took me a minute to realize that that is a MIRROR and not a painting in the entry, and it is reflecting the Chicago neighborhood map, now framed (want to see more)... And did you also stencil the mirror?

I love all the details, the staggered hooks, the piping (is that there solely to house your meat hook?)

You know how important I think entryways are and this one looks excellent. I'm really impressed, David... makes me miss you though.

dav:ID said...

yeah, it is stenciled. i had some trouble with those hooks (there a little wobbly). yeah, that is solely for the meat hook, i had to think of someplace to more properly display it, and you know how i've always wanted in the entryway or the kitchen.

thanks for making these comments though. it makes me feel better. i miss doing projects with you. but i had to do them otherwise they would never get done.